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Fusing her music into her luxury skincare l haircare brand, Ekin expertly markets all the KERACELL® products have to offer.

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Where You At
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Music Videos & BTS

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Where You At ft. Vadhir Derbez l Ekin Ozlen l Roxy Ferrari

Where You At (Behind The Scene) - feat. Vadhir Derbez, Ekin Ozlen & Roxy Ferrari BTS

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Growing up in the small coastal Florida town of Cocoa Beach, one of Ekin’s earliest memories 
finds her at age 5, singing her heart out and putting on regular shows for her mom and stepdad 
on a marble “stage” (which was actually the family’s living room fireplace harth).
Although singing, songwriting and performing has always placed Ekin in a deeper, more fulfilling 
mode of personal expression, she’s also been inspiring people throughout the world via her 
modeling career.
It all began with a commercial for Ron Jon’s, a world famous Florida based surf shop whose Cocoa 
Beach location is currently the largest of its kind in the world; where Ekin – a former Miss Turkey 
finalist – was recruited by a local modeling agent for the sandal and surf wear company, Reef 
Brazil. She became an International Miss Reef Brazil model, traveling the world for years as a 
representative of the brand and its lifestyle, being photographed for magazines and calendars and 
making appearances throughout the U.S. and internationally everywhere from Germany, 
Switzerland, France and South Africa to many countries in South America signing posters and 
calendars at events for the brand. It was an opportunity she is forever grateful for as she was able 
to travel and see the world at such a young age.
A relocation to NYC proved inevitable, to further pursue her career in the competitive modeling 
industry. A big change for a girl who grew up a self-professed “beach bunny,” Ekin secured a 
contract with the renowned Ford Modeling Agency and began doing catalog work as well as 
editorial print and signed with the Innovative Artists Agency, commercially. She found a niche with a career focused on modeling for many lingerie & swimwear brands. She also 
began studying with renowned acting coach Susan Batson and enrolled at the prestigious Black 
Nexxus Acting School in Manhattan. Simultaneously, Ekin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 
Psychology and a Minor in Criminal Justice.
While living and working in Manhattan, Ekin’s musical ambitions were rekindled by Brooklyn 
based free-styling hip-hop artists who engaged in spontaneous “word battles.” Inspired, she 
bought a Pro Tools rig and started experimenting with beats, which led her to begin writing lyrics 
and singing again. The first song she wrote, “Turkish Delight,” a collaboration with Turkish 
rapper Cihan Ozdemir, was influenced by the vibe of her native culture.
When she’s not working on furthering her luxury cosmeceutical brand, KERACELL, or making 
music, Ekin, a passionate animal lover, is spending time riding her two beloved horses, Prestige 
and Zoltaire. Her family in Turkey has a long history in the equestrian world, beginning with her 
grandfather, who founded the first horseback riding association in Ankara, Turkey. Ekin moved
from NYC to Los Angeles with her horses, several years ago to further her musical career but also 
to have wide open spaces to ride and participate in jumping competitions with her horses.
“Developing my musical identity and having the opportunity to release the track, “Where You At” with actor/singer Vadhir Derbez is just another step in an exciting, unpredictable journey,” says 
Ekin, "It’s fun because so much can 
happen and I feel very inspired by this forward momentum, like anything IS actually possible. I’ve enjoyed my career as a model very much, but there are certain creative limitations when you’re 
working in the service of the vision of others. With the opportunity to write, sing and perform my 
own music, it’s fulfilling to have a deeper level of freedom of expression. I’ve always loved moving 
people and music is the most powerful way I know to do that.” 
Part businesswoman, part artist, the Turkish born, American raised songstress just released her 
newest single, “Where You At” which was produced by Truemakers Music 
The release for Ekin’s previous track and music video for the single, “La Noche” followed entrance 
to retail giants, such as Dillard’s and Macy’s department stores, with her clinically validated, 
unisex “Human Stem Cell Extract” based product line, KERACELL, which is also featured within 
the “La Noche" music video as well as within the song’s catchy lyrics.” With KERACELL’s co-
starring role in “La Noche” - Ekin’s belief that beauty comes in all forms and touches all senses is 
KERACELL is no doubt the focus, as well as the driving force, of every one of Ekin’s pursuits and 
business choices. The female owned skincare & haircare brand was created due to Ekin’s quest for flawless skin and hair as a working FORD model, then came the experimentation and 
finally, expertise in skin treatment protocols and topical skincare products that could offer an edge 
in a saturated and competitive modeling industry.  Ekin has been breaking through glass ceilings and achieving milestones that serve as an 
inspiration to all.  Particularly in her quest for motherhood.  Ekin has shared her entire IVF journey via her Instagram stories so supporters may follow her every step of the way, through each physician appointment and test and finally all the way to her successful embryo transfer. Ekin is so grateful to be an advocate for this community and is beyond grateful to now share a beautiful baby boy with her husband, born February 2022.
The lines that once separated the creative disciplines of music, fashion, beauty, and film have all 
blurred – and now, the public appreciates a multidimensional artist. Ekin is that artist, the voice, 
the beauty entrepreneur, and has that creative “It” factor fueling all her endeavors. Focusing now 
on using her music as the heartbeat of her beauty brand, KERACELL, Ekin is grateful for the opportunity to funnel all of her talents into one vessel.